Singapore 2017 - Des Paroz
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Triple Sands and Double Helix

Triple Sands and Double Helix

Singapore is an incredibly photogenic city, with so many interesting sites to see and capture.

One great area to spend time is around the Marina Bay area. The architecture here is spectacular, with some of the more interesting examples including the Marina Bay Sands complex (the three buildings 'connected' by a 'ship' on the roof, and the famous Double Helix pedestrian bridge.

Marina Bay itself is fascinating, with the entire bay having been dammed and converted into a freshwater reservoir, providing an important alternative freshwater source for the city-state.

As a key part of the Singapore 'downtown core' area, Marina Bay is an area worth exploring for the travelling photographer.

This image was taken in the late afternoon, as I was scouting around for angles for sunset. With the use of a polariser and ND filters, and some minor retouching in Luminar, I am very happy with the image.